What Is Dual Citizenship?

What Is Dual Citizenship?

With the shortest definition, dual nationality means that a person is a national of two countries at the same time; it gives the opportunity of applying for foreign citizenship by keeping the main citizenship. Dual citizenship is a rare opportunity offered to certain countries. Some countries can give citizenship and let the applicants keep their original citizenship as well. Having two citizenship can be advantageous. For example, Turkish citizens can hold dual citizenship as long as the related authorities are informed about this process.

Dual Citizenship

When an individual has dual citizenship, that individual can have the national identity of two countries. These individuals will have the passports of two states as well. Generally, individuals prefer keeping both citizenships due to dual citizenship advantages.

This type of citizenship is also known as multiple citizenships. Some countries allow more than two citizenships. It is possible to get Turkish citizenship and hold your original citizenship without renouncing your passport.

How Can You Get Dual Citizenship?

In the case of Turkey, individuals need to start the Turkish citizenship application process to be eligible for a Turkish passport. It is not possible to acquire dual citizenship without Turkish citizenship. For this reason, an individual must make a property investment in Turkey.

The property investment can be in different forms. While some individuals prefer purchasing houses, other individuals might prefer purchasing commercial units or summer houses. In either case, the minimum amount of investment to start the application process is $250,000. Any property investment below this amount will be insufficient to start the process.

Keep Your Own Citizenship and Turkish Citizenship

Once you make your property investment in Turkey, you can start your application process to get your citizenship. After the application process is completed, you can apply for related government bodies to get your dual citizenship approved. When the approval process is completed, you can enjoy your two citizenships and two passports.

To get your dual citizenship and enjoy the benefits of Turkish citizenship, contact us now to start your application process.