How Can I Get Turkish Passport?

How Can I Get Turkish Passport?

Turkish citizenship is one of the most valuable citizenships around the world. When you get the passport, you will also get the advantages of the Turkish passport. These include visa-free travel to different countries around the world. There are few steps to get the citizenship and passport. So, how can you get Turkish passport?

Get Your Turkish Passport with Property Investment

If you want to enjoy the benefit of Turkish passport, you can start your passport application process with property investment in Turkey. Turkey offers citizenship to investors all around the world. A property investment of $250,000 or more will be your first step to get the Turkish passport. If the investment is below this amount, you won’t be eligible for citizenship or to get a passport. When you make the property investment, you can start your citizenship application process. Then, you can get your passport with your existing Turkish citizenship.

Apply for Turkish Citizenship

The first step to get your Turkish passport is to purchase a property with the required investment amount. Then, you need to start your Turkish citizenship application process. In this process, both property investment consultancy and Turkish citizenship application consultancy will help you.

The application process is simple and easy. All you need to do is collect the necessary documents for your application process. When your Turkish citizenship is approved, you can apply for your Turkish passport. After getting your citizenship, the passport process will be completed within weeks.

Find Your Ideal Property in Turkey

Start looking for your ideal property in Turkey to take the first step for your Turkish passport. Turkey offers various property options for short-term and long-term investors. With adequate consultancy, you can easily find your investment property in the country.

Check our property investment options to start your Turkish passport application process now. Learn more about how to get your Turkish passport.