Dual Citizenship - USA & Turkey

Dual Citizenship - USA & Turkey

How can be acquired US Citizenship?

There four ways to have American citizenship such as naturalization, birth, marriage, adoption, and military. Naturalization means an individual not born in the United States becomes a U.S. citizen with its own will.

The most popular way to get US citizenship is by having a green card. How? If you get a permanent job offer, your employer may get a green card for you. You must keep a green card for at least three years before applying for naturalization. Also, minimum residency is needed. The applicants are required to stay at least one and a half years to apply.

If you wish to have citizenship through marriage, you will be asked about your relationship by an officer to understand either your marriage is real or not.

How to get US citizenship by birth? If both parents are US citizens, the child is automatically a citizen even if he/she is born abroad. If one of the parents is a citizen, still can be acquired citizenship. If you are applying for citizenship by adoption, laws mention that the child must be adopted before turns 16 years old.

Nevertheless, in the interview, you are required to be older than 18, know the US history and the language well.

U.S laws do not indicate dual nationality for its citizens. On the other hand, Turkish laws allow dual nationality as long as the applicant meets the criteria to be a Turkish citizen.

The acquisition of Turkish citizenship may happen by birth and by birth abroad to a Turkish citizen parent or parents — regardless of the other nationalities, a person might acquire at birth. If one of the parents is a Turkish citizen, kids who were born in Turkey cannot claim Turkish citizenship.


Must U.S citizens relinquish their nationality to be a Turkish Citizen?

U.S laws do not mention the obligation of relinquishing US nationality to be a Turkish citizen unless the citizen requires.

It must be indicated that both countries require using their own passport while entering the countries. The use of both passports does not endanger either citizenship.