Pakistan & Turkey Dual Citizenship Agreement

Pakistan & Turkey Dual Citizenship Agreement

Turkey is a Eurasian country located in the crossroads of the Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East, and the eastern Mediterranean. Also, culturally stands like a bridge between Asia and Europe,which has too much to offer. Turkey provides free medical and free education rights. You can visit more than 110 countries without a visa including Hong Kong, South Korea, Jordan. Besides, Turkey allows and multiple citizenships. Turkey and Pakistan keep supporting each other over the years, and the fellowship between the two countries is historic. Their bond is traditionally strong; in addition to that, they are maintaining extensive cultural, commercial, strategic, and military cooperation. And now, they are considering making this bond even stronger by providing dual citizenship for both countries.

Benefits of dual citizenship 

Having dual citizenship means that being a citizen of two countries at the same time. Also, it means being able to work, live, having a property in both countries.

Can a Pakistani have dual citizenship?

There are some ways to get a Turkish Passport, such as buying real estate in Turkey, investing, marrying a Turkish citizen, employment investment, and instant birth in Turkey. To be married to Turkish is not enough to get Turkish citizenship, there is an obligation of staying married for at least three years. You can establish your own company or invest in one registered in Turkey and employ 50 people.

Getting Turkish Passport by Investing

The most popular way to get citizenship is by buying real estate in Turkey. Also, the minimum residency period is not required to apply. Plus, living in Turkey is not mandatory to apply. Applicants ought to purchase real estate worth at least $250.000. You can own just one or multiple properties, yet it is needed to apply at the same time for all. After 3 years of having a Turkish passport, you are free to sell your properties and keep the passport. Entailments for having a Turkish Passport are the same for all nations. Pakistani, Russian, Afghan and Azerbaijan citizens can get Turkish citizenship following the required steps.

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