Why Indians Choose Turkish Citizenship?

Why Indians Choose Turkish Citizenship?

India and Turkey are two sovereign countries that have too much to offer. They have deep historical connections and ongoing fellowship. In India, the Turkic impact is highly seen in culture, language, culture, art, and cuisine. For some Indians, Turkey is very intriguing as it is a country which European and Asian that's why has a key role. It holds the balance between both traditional and modern values.

Turkey is getting more and more popular travel destination these days. Even, many Indians choose Turkey for their special occasions such as a wedding. There is a term for it, called wedding tourism. Statics say every year, Turkey is visited by almost 100,000 Indians. As it’s seen, not only a travel destination, it is a country whose citizenship is highly applied.

We wish to explain some facts about Turkey. As we mentioned, this is a country that has too much to offer for its citizens. According to WHO, there must be more than 2.3 health workers to cover 1,000 people to suffice the primary healthcare needs. Turkey has 2.7 hospitals per 1000 people while India does 0.7. Turkey offers well-developed health care. Public health care is more affordable for an average citizen in Turkey.  Also, in India the average life expectancy for women 71 years and men 68 years; while in Turkey these numbers are 73 and 80 for men and women respectively.

 According to the statics of 2017, GDP in Turkey is per capita of $27.000 while in India the GDP per capita is $7000.

Also, Turkey is a strong and long-term candidate for EU membership. Most Indians choose Turkish citizenship to reach the USA more easily. Turkish citizenship provides a smart route for investors to relocate to the United States of America with their families. Turkey has E-2 Investor Visa which can be used to establish a business.