What Are Turkish Citizenship Advantages?

What Are Turkish Citizenship Advantages?

Turkey is one of the rising countries in the real-estate market. When you buy a property in Turkey, you can benefit from lots of advantages. The most important of them is the Turkish citizenship. In this article, we will list Turkish citizenship advantages to help you decide to make property investment in Turkey.

Turkish Citizenship Advantages

Visa-Free Travel

The number one of the Turkish Citizenship advantages is visa-free travel. When you have a Turkish passport, you can travel to 110 countries around the world without any visa or with visa on arrival. The visa-free countries include most of the Latin American and African countries as well as Qatar, Japan, Singapore and South Korea.

Bring Your Family

In addition to visa-free travel, bringing your family with you can be listed among other Turkish citizenship advantages. When you apply for your Turkish citizenship via investment, you can also apply for your family members. This way, your spouse and your children under 18 years old can get their own Turkish citizenship as well.

Move to the UK or USA

Turkish citizenship allows you to easily move to the UK or USA. There are commercial and trade agreements between Turkey and the UK that allow business people to easily move there. Once you get your Turkish passport, you can easily benefit from these special agreements to start your business in the UK. Also, people with a Turkish passport are eligible to apply for USA E-2 Investor visa by using their Turkish citizenship.

Generate Income

Income generation can also be considered among Turkish citizenship advantages. When you purchase a property in Turkey, you can rent the property when you are not in Turkey. This way, you can generate income while enjoying the advantages of Turkish citizenship. You can purchase one of the properties with high ROI in Turkey to start your Turkish citizenship application process.

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