Turkish Citizenship Pros and Cons

Turkish Citizenship Pros and Cons

According to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, the Turkey is a social state. Being a Turkish Citizen is defined as a state that is related to the welfare of citizens and is responsible for providing them with a minimum standard of living. The degree of being a welfare state of a country depends on its power to realize “social and economic rights” in the constitution. However, a state that deals with the welfare of its citizens and guarantees them in the constitution cannot gain the feature of being a social state just because of this nature.

The democratic state and the social state are closely related phenomena. A democratic state can be truly established when the weak make their power felt on the state structure and political decisions. For this, employees must have a place in the state system and must be given constitutional guarantees. For this purpose, provisions regarding working life are also included in social and economic rights. Many foreign nationals are wondering how to apply for Turkish citizenship, either through life or work, and are looking for an answer to the question of how to acquire Turkish citizenship.

What are Turkish Citizenship Rights?

Right to elect and to be elected: It is the right given to individuals who have reached the age of 18 to vote in various fields, including the presidency, deputyship, mayor and members.
Following the law: We can say that the rule is a law, which the state has set to ensure the order of citizens and society within the rules of law. Laws are for individuals in society and individuals are obliged to abide by these laws.
Paying tax: The money that the state receives from its citizens in order to meet their needs is called tax. The taxes we pay us; It returns with services such as roads, schools, hospitals, schools and bridges. The main taxes in our country are: Income tax, corporate tax, property tax, stamp duty and value added tax.
Military service: Individuals who are citizens of the Republic of Turkey and who are healthy, and every male over the age of 20 goes to the military. Protecting the future of our country depends on the Turkish Armed Forces; It is the duty of the air, land, naval forces and their military departments, and every Turkish citizen is obliged to take part in this task.

Social and economic rights are as follows:

• Protection of the family
• The right to education and training,
• Labor rights,
• Collective bargaining, right to strike and lockout,
• Ensuring fair wages,
• The right to health, environment and housing,
• Protection of youth and the right to sport,
• Social security rights,
• Consumer rights,
• Protection of historical, cultural and natural assets

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