New Turkish Citizenship Law

New Turkish Citizenship Law

Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901 (“Law”), which regulates the principles regarding the acquisition and loss of Turkish citizenship, was published in the Official Gazette on 12 June 2009 and entered into force. With the entry into force of this Law, the Turkish Citizenship Law dated 1964 and numbered 403 was repealed.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship

Turkish citizenship is acquired by birth or later. Pursuant to Article 7,

1. A child born in marriage to a Turkish citizen mother or father in or out of Turkey is a Turkish citizen;

2. The child born out of wedlock to a Turkish citizen mother and a foreign father is a Turkish citizen;

3. A child born out of a marriage union to a Turkish citizen father and a foreign mother acquires Turkish citizenship if the procedures and principles that ensure the establishment of lineage are fulfilled.

It is also possible for a foreigner to acquire Turkish citizenship afterwards. In practice, most commonly, foreigners want to acquire Turkish citizenship by decision of the competent authority or by marriage.

The foreigner who wants to acquire Turkish citizenship by the decision of the competent authority must meet the conditions specified in the Law. These conditions are:

1. To be mature and discriminating according to their own national law, if stateless, according to Turkish laws,

2. To reside in Turkey continuously for five years backwards from the date of application,

3. To confirm by their actions that they have decided to settle in Turkey,

4. Not to have a disease that poses a danger in terms of general health,

5. To have good morals,

6. To be able to speak Turkish enough,

7. To have an income or profession that will provide for himself and his dependents in Turkey,

8. Not to have an obstacle in terms of public order.

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