Is Turkish Citizenship Worth It?

Is Turkish Citizenship Worth It?

The acquisition of Turkish citizenship is obtained in two ways: by birth and later by the decision of the authorized administration. According to the general provisions, foreigners who want to acquire Turkish citizenship must meet the following conditions.

If the foreigner is of legal age according to national law, if he is stateless, must be of legal age in accordance with the T.R. Civil Code;

Must have resided in Turkey for at least 5 years retrospectively from the citizenship application;

The foreigner must indicate that he wishes to settle in Turkey. For example, acquiring real estate in Turkey, should take actions such as marrying a Turkish citizen, having a Turkish citizen mother, father, child;

● To be a person who behaves in accordance with public morals,

● Must be able to speak Turkish in order to take part in Turkish society,

● Must have a profession and income that can provide for himself and his dependents in Turkey,

● It should not be in a situation that would pose a threat to national security and public order.

Turkey is a modern country, witnessing an unprecedented growth in infrastructure projects, attracting foreign investments, supporting real estate investments that attract foreign capital, developing industry, commercial and agricultural sector, products it exports, and a distinguished position it has acquired at the regional and international level.

Turkey's future expectations are to provide incentives for technological transformation in various aspects in public and life, to make public and private sector institutions easier to provide services through more flexible policies. Also to provide public and commercial services to all segments of society with secure websites and mobile applications to make a request by connecting in the easiest way.

The strategic plans of the Turkish government are to ensure long-term stability and sustainable development by creating new resources that will make the economy stronger. This reflected the program of the new Turkish government announced at the beginning of the second period of power in the Turkish Republic.

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