Dual Citizenship Turkey

Dual Citizenship Turkey

There are procedures to be followed and documents to be prepared by foreigners who want to work in any institution/company in Turkey, obtain a residence permit accordingly, and acquire citizenship of the Republic of Turkey after a certain period of time.

How to get citizenship?

Citizenship can be acquired at birth or later. The way in which citizenship will be acquired is regulated by the laws of each country, and according to the Turkish Citizenship Law, the acquisition of citizenship depends on:

- Competent authority decision,

- Marriage,

- Adoption,

- The President's decision.

This diversity in the country's legislation regarding the acquisition of citizenship has brought the phenomenon of dual citizenship  (multiple citizenship) to the agenda.

What is dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship refers to the situation in which a person has citizenship ties with more than one state at the same time. As we mentioned above, the citizenship bond is the legal bond that states regulate how and when to be established by the laws they prepare by using their sovereign powers. If the person has this legal bond with more than one state in the same time period, the status we call dual citizenship or, as it is expressed in the law, "multiple citizenship" emerges.

How to get dual citizenship?

The bond of citizenship is a legal bond and how, when and under what conditions this bond will be established is under the reserved jurisdiction of the states. In other words, each state determines the conditions of this legal bond (for example, marriage, adoption, decision of the competent authority, etc.) to be established between individuals and the state. This diversity in the laws of states has led to a person having more than one nationality.

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