Buyback Guarantee Investment In Istanbul

The Project is located in Gunesli, Istanbul on the Press Express Road between two important highways TEM and E-5 highways. The project is located near the popular Hurriyet Media Towers.

The project is built with total $ 340 million investment. The transportation from the project to different locations in the city are easy since it is located 6 kilometres away from the E5 and 3 kilometres away from the TEM.

In the project, 70 commercial units including cafés and stores in addition to residential units. The project is built on 24.000 sqm open area with 20.000 sqm outdoor space. There are also office areas and a hotel in this large housing complex. The Property consists of 154 residences, 84 lofts, and 880 tower residences with 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1-units options.

The large and spacious residential units of the project make it perfect for large families. Also, there a smaller option for different types of users. The project aims to recreate the lost neighbourhood concept in the city. The warm design and placement of the project will give the comfortable and peaceful neighbourhood environment. Thanks to the outdoor recreation areas, courtyards and terraces, the project offers an extensive indoors and outdoors activities.

The rental income guarantee of this project makes it a perfect investment for everyone. Whether you want to live in Turkey or rent the property, you can generate rental income from your investment. Also, it is possible to get bank credit for easier payment.


Min Price: 190.000 USD

Location: Güneşli, Istanbul

Condition: Ready to Move

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